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February 27, 2017
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January 19, 2019

VipVan is Dublin-based moving company. The company offers ‘Man with a Van’ services that fulfil all your house moving needs from the start to the end. VipVan is an easy to access platform and can be ordered all around the country. The company has trained professional men who are expert in moving your household items with extreme caution and care. The service offers you to book an appointment on the date that you’re planning to move. Your appointment will land you a quote of the moving details that you provide. If you accept the charges, a van will arrive at your door at the requested date, with two professionally trained men. We know how precious your household items are and how hard you worked to buy them, and that’s exactly why our men use the latest tools and methods to seal and wrap your items accordingly and appropriately. Your items will be sealed with extreme care, and the moving will be done with extra cautions to avoid any kind of damage or scratches to your items and appliances.


Our trained men provide services so good and professional, that we’ve easily become one of the most recognised names in the moving industry. They handle your items under your supervision so that you have the ultimate satisfaction of seeing the kind of high quality service we provide. Other than these men, our van drivers also know how to drive properly when the van is loaded with your possessions. They handle the van with extreme care and drive very carefully to avoid any damage on sharp corners and turns.

VipVan service provides you with ‘Man with a Van‘ service that can help you for your whole house moves, or just small moving like furniture shifting, piano moves, office shifting, warehouse items moving, large and small loads and a whole other wide variety of moving abilities.

VipVan is also one of the first freight companies to have its own applications for iOS and Android smartphones. Now you can easily book your Man with a Van services from the easiness of your office chair or the comfort of your lounge sofa. Download the app on your phone from the respective store for free, and then access our appointment system. You can either enter your moving details in the app and request a quote, or you could ask for a call-back from our customer representative who could take you through all the details you want to know. If you believe that our quote fits your moving requirement and budget, then give us the date you want the moving on, and we’ll get back to you with an appointment that will be date and time specific.

VipVan can also be ordered through our phone number that is 0851119555, all you have to do is make the call and hire a van on your desired date and timing. We make sure to give our customers the best possible response and service, as we believe that the customer’s satisfaction is the ultimate target of a business like us. It is our responsibility, as a company and as your service provider, to bring you the best possible moving service you’ve ever seen, so that we have a guaranteed customer next time you decide to move. Don’t wait any longer on that booking, and make sure you get your van booked as soon as possible because you don’t want to miss the date that you’ve planned your moving on, and we’d hate to be fully booked on the day you request for an appointment.

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