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If you’re at the point where the next day is the day you dread the most, here’s how we prepare you for it. You’re probably wondering how can the title of this article make sense? And helps you to manage a stress-free moving. Let us help you out with what you need to do to get everything on the right track at the right time:

1. Selecting the box size

Selecting the right size of the packing boxes is more like an art. You need to understand just exactly how and what will fit, where and why. To avoid any damage to boxes and your stuff, it is always suitable to choose small boxes for heavy items, like the speakers, DVD players, books, cutlery, tools, etc. Choose the bigger boxes for packing larger stuff like the pillows, bed sheets, cushions, sports equipment.

2. Choose separate boxes for separate rooms

The most common mistake people always make is choosing the same box to pack things from two or more different rooms. This way, when the movers unload the boxes at your new home, you’re unsure which room you want this box in because the bed sheets inside belong to the guest room on the ground floor while the cushions and table mats belong to the room on the second floor. This gives you the pain of manually moving the stuff two stories up.

3. Pack appropriately

Just like you pack your suitcase for a tour, packing the moving boxes is also a work of patience. You need time, skills and a lot of common sense to pack them the right way. First, make sure you don’t leave any empty spaces inside the box because that’s where all your stuff will move into when the boxes are moved. Also, put the heavier items at the bottom of the boxes and the lighter items at the top. It would make no sense to load a box with glasses at the bottom and place some plates at the top. Don’t stuff that wouldn’t make sense. Finally, when the box is packed, tape it properly so that no ends are loose. Any loose ends is a harm to your moving overall and is a hassle for the moving company too.

Labeled boxes in a van

A removals van and labeling boxes

4. Labeling

Label the boxes, with a specified unique number, which room it has to move the box, and what does the box contains. It will be easier for your movers to know exactly where they need to set the box up. Also, manage a little book and note every detail of every box down so you know where you need to search for a specific item. You can also check later if you have all boxes so you know you didn’t misplace any.

5. Prepare something to eat beforehand

When moving into a new home, you don’t just step in and light the stove to make a roast. You already have a tonne of unpacking to do that needs your focus and attention. Hence, preparing some backup food for lunch or dinner is always an advantage. Keep disposable plates and glasses at hand so you need not unpack the dishes straight away.

6. Wrap the fragile items

When packing plates, glasses, cups, and bowls, make sure you have enough packing paper. Make a pile of four or five plates together and wrap them with packing paper. Then pack them in the box vertically and not horizontally. Do the same with glasses, cups, and bowls and make piles of four or five and wrap them extensively with packing paper.

7. Pay attention to other expensive items

Your television, refrigerator, stereo and the microwave are some of the most expensive pieces at your home. So giving them proper attention is always necessary. Wrap them with packing papers, cushions and lots of space so that any dent is made till the extent of the box and not the appliance. Double pack your LED television and let that box rest atop all the others so it applies no pressure on the screen.

Conclusion – These are some useful steps one can follow when moving home to a new place or parceling large numbers of items through a courier service. It can help to avoid any disorder occurred during stress-free moving.

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