Man with a Van in Dublin, provides a wide range of services including the assembling of flat pack furniture after removing and delivering from one place to another. They have appropriate tools and spare furniture fitters to avoid any shortcomings and ensure that all your furniture is assembled exactly as it should and take the difficulty out of assembling your new furniture.Usually it’s a hard stress to carry heavy and bulky house loads for instance sofas, beds and wardrobes and they require assembling because they are transferred in loose pieces especially the beds and wardrobes. Similarly, for office furniture, there are a number of cabinets and tables that need assembling which entails trained personnel. Man Van services covers all these issues under one roof and ensures no concerns to its customers.


Apart from this, Man with a Van also offers the facility to collect and deliver items or furniture directly from shops which include the most famous and recognized shops, Ikea or Storade. Man Van removals initiated this service because the shops usually don’t facilitate transportation after every purchase.



The super convenient Removal Van in Dublin comes off with services worth spending your money and time. They let you trust them completely and ensure safe and protected transportation throughout the journey. Either you can hire Two Men and a Van or one Man and a Van to perform your delivery services with diligence and care all across and beyond Dublin. Each facility is offered at a reasonable cost hence creating a strong competition in market. Man and a Van guarantees finest services for its customers to give them a perfect experience while trusting them.


Flat and House removal services. At VIPVAN, “a man with a van” helps you in moving your house items just the way you want them. We boast of quick and safe removal services within Dublin and all Ireland.

Large and Small Offices Move. The man with a van helps you with your commercial moves, safely moving all computer equipment, documents and the likes to the new working space all in one piece.  Helps you resume work smoothly at the new space with a big smile on the faces of your employees.

Piano Moves. If you have ever taken a careful look at the interior of a piano, you would of course be aware of the many different components making up the instrument. At VIPVAN, the man with a van understands perfectly the complexity of moving them, either it is a small upright one or be it a Steinway grand; it would be transported without any damage at the end of the transition.

Best Delivery Packages. The right knowledge of something helps to perform better at it. Moving is a lot more complex than just lifting boxes into a truck, driving them around, taking them off the truck and setting them down in the new space. Leaving you with incidents like nicked paints, stained walls or scratched walls and floors, dented door knobs are of course painful experiences.

At VIPVAN, the man with a van has a vast knowledge of how moving should be done, no matter the size of the item just son as to avoid such occurrences.

 – are all moved from old locations to a new one without causing any damage whatsoever the items and the locations involved.

Deliveries Store Collections – IKEA, B&Q, Comet, etc. . We help make home deliveries or office deliveries as well. Either you just bought a sofa for your room or some computer equipment for your workplace and need some help moving it, we would always be there to help you make those moves from the sales point to the drop point.

Student Moves. Most of the moves made often happen faster than we expected or anticipated. At VIPVAN, we help student with those sudden moves from home to their new place of stay, saving them from the stress one would normally experience.

Sofas, beds and wardrobes moved or. Whenever the need or time arises for you to get your sofas, bed and wardrobes moved or disposed of at another point, you are for sure going to need the right kind of the professional for the job which is what you are going to get by just contacting VIPVAN.

Flat Assembling. A lot could come up when you are relocating or moving into a new home even when you are working on rearranging your existing space either through an expansion or downsizing it. With VIPVAN you can be assured that the thoughts and plans that can be a nightmare will be made into a well carried out and well executed hitch free experience.

Art and Antiques Transportation. All of your valued possessions and items such as your art works and antiques are packed into the van securely and stretch wrapped to totally avoid damage of any sort from the packing location to the new location.

Kitchen Cabinets/Furniture Clearance. At VIPVAN, we help with kitchen furniture clearance and relocation so that you don’t leave anything behind, making sure none of them is damaged during transition.

Home furniture Removal. It’s a lot of work having your furniture removed from a particular location considering the stress and damage that could be caused to the furniture. At VIPVAN “man and van services” you are assured of a 100% safe removal leaving smiles on your faces.


In order to Hire your Man Van, make a call now at: 0851119555 to book your Man Van delivery in Dublin or across and enjoy a wonderful service or type in your email at their website ‘https://vipvan.ie/’ to request a call back from them. You can visit the website for further information and feedback. Also, you can catch up with the site professionals through


Man Van Dublin also offers art and antique goods transportation where movers are specially trained to respect your personal antiquities while moving them and handle with precaution to prevent any mishaps.


A lot of people moving across Dublin do not access to their own vehicles hence can easily afford this quality and trustworthy service to hire a Van with a Man. For Piano lovers, they are totally aware of the fact that Piano moving is no small task and requires a lot of man power to move the giant piano set. It’s expensive and needs to be handled in such a way to prevent any destruction. Therefore, Man Van removals offer a professional piano moving service where the movers are extremely well-skilled with years of experience to cautiously move the piano to your respective locations in and out of Dublin.


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  • Office removals services
  • Man and van services
  • Art Moves
  • Flat & House Removals
  • Flat Assembling
  • Piano Moves
  • Large & Small Office Moves
  • Single Items & Large Loads
  • Flat/bedsit Student Moves
  • Store Collections - IKEA, B&Q, Comet
  • Sofas, Beds, Wardrobes Moved or Disposed
  • House furniture Clearance
  • Kitchen Cabinets/furniture Clearance
  • Office furniture Clearance
  • Art and Antiques Transportation