Furniture Removals and Piano Shifting Service

If you are planning to move your furniture without packing it properly and without the help of any tools and equipment, it may be very difficult and may also have scratches and even damage your furniture. So, when you make mind before move your furniture without getting help from a professional removals service, give it a serious thought and hire the most trusted people to move your furniture safely to your selected destination. For this, you will need professional help to pack and move your furniture as they can safely move the furniture to the desired location. If you are looking for furniture moving services, then Vipvan is the best choice for you to solve this problem easily. You can avail of furniture shifting service at the cheapest and affordable rates from Vipvan. You just need to contact us freely.

Our Staff

Shifting all of your furniture can become a challenge because of its shape, weight and other factors. It will not be easy for you to pack your furniture and get it loaded and get it transported all of your own without hiring professionally trained and well-equipped packers and movers who specialize in furniture shifting services.

Can’t you do it yourself?… Don’t worry! We are here to help you.

VIP VAN provides reliable furniture shifting service and specializes in the management of Piano moving in the best way. We have hired the best and experienced staff and trained them rigorously and made it possible for them to handle everything in the best way. When you want to move your furniture, you can hire our professionals. We are always happy to help you and we are best when it comes to doing the required.

Our Offered Services

As you have already known that we are providing furniture shifting service. We can move from small size furniture to large size furniture. We have all the tools and equipment, with the help of these, we can reach a certain place without damaging your furniture. And because many times the furniture you want to shift is not just a piece of wood, there are many memories and feelings associated with it. That is why we help you in every way so that your goods can be delivered without any harm.

Along with furniture shifting services, we are also providing piano shifting services exclusively.

Piano Shifting and Moving

Before shifting the piano, do not forget that the piano is a piece of art if you fail to shift it, then the piano can be damaged, or it can break.

A piano can be the heaviest and hardest thing to move, because of its weight and shape. These factors increased the risk of breaking your piano.

The piano is solid outside, but the parts inside it are very delicate. Any damage to your piano, slight or large, can hurt the ability to play music. And, if you do not pick it up properly, or do not use the proper instruments you can damage the piano while shifting the piano, you may also get injured. It is important to be careful in moving your piano to avoid any issues.

How we do this

When you call VIPVAN, we assess the situation first. Then we analyze and calculate the size of the piano and the tools that required before starting our work of piano shifting from one place to another. We provide you with a fixed date or time. A piano is a rich and valuable thing, which requires a very large and experienced manpower. We come with our team on the specified day and we use a combination of moving dolly, heavy-duty furniture straps, safe packaging materials, and a well-equipped van to shift the piano with no harm. The cost of shifting the piano depends on the shifting distance and how large your piano is.

Not everyone knows how to shift the piano carefully and with no part is being damaged. Therefore, a professional moving company are there to make your move ease. They are fully capable to render and finish the work in a very professional way. Hiring piano removals services is the best way to ensure that your piano shifts to the desired location safely.

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