Small Van for Small Removals

Our Man With a Small Van moving service, provides a wide range of removal services for small moves, including the assembling of flat-pack furniture after removing and delivering from one place to another. They have appropriate tools and spare furniture fitters to avoid any shortcomings and ensure that we assemble all your furniture exactly as it should be and take the difficulty out of assembling your new furniture. Usually, it’s hard to stress to carry and move furniture, for instance, sofas, beds, and wardrobes and they require assembling because they are transferred in loose pieces especially the beds and wardrobes. Similarly, for office furniture, several cabinets and tables need assembling which entails trained personnel. Our man and van service cover all these issues under one roof and ensure no concerns to its customers.

VIPVAN provides the facility to their customers that they can choose the type of van from the option, they required for the removals.

Big Van for removal

Large Van for removals


1.When Should I Call VIPVAN?

The earlier the better. It is always a good idea to call four to six weeks ahead as the more lead time you give; the more likely it is that the man with a van works along with your schedule. But please note that we respond readily whatever time you place your call, we are always ready to move you.

2.How Is My Estimate Determined?

Your main estimate will be dependent on the amount of items you are moving and the weight of each items. Keep in mind that there is no charge for this estimate.

3.When Is The Best Time To Move?

The choice is all yours. We move when you are ready to move. We can only advise that you consider factors before making your decisions which may include: moving children during the school term etc.

4.How Long Does it Take To move?

This is not predictable as it depends on factors that cannot be determined such as weather conditions, direction and distance of old and new locations, time required to load and unload with the help of a second man available. However, we can only assure you the best delivery time alongside the best delivery packages.

  • At VIPVAN, “A Man with A van” provides you with the expertise in tailoring of the moving services to tackle new and hitch-seeming relocations
  • We are more flexible and reliable even during the busiest of relocation seasons, hence promising that we can cater for your individual needs. We want to work with you to give you the utmost convenience. No matter the location you are leaving or where you are relocating to, we possess the perfect understanding of what it takes to move successfully. You can be rest assured that we have got you covered.

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    VIPVAN provide small Vans for small Moves. Our man with Small Van services covers Furniture removals, Piano moves, Office furniture removal, House furniture moves under one roof and ensure no concerns to its customers.

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